Research and assistance in business development



Cannabis? Medical? Can you handle this? In a brilliant way?

As a company, we develop products and harvesting equipment for the medical cannabis industry.

The company was founded to use the profits for projects to promote direct democracy – and this is not just a slogan.

In this phase FOR needs generalist and flexible help with business development, so we turn to you.

At the moment we are working on the fields

  • Marketing
  • User Research
  • Team structure
  • Team Collaboration
  • People Management
  • IT
  • General Research


We are sitting in a large and very nice office at weXelerate with top infrastructure.

We are quite smooth, but very focused on excellence and professionalism.

The salary of 2400,- gross for this student’s job was deliberately set higher, whereby we refer to the requirements straight away.


You should be in the top 3%. Not in all aspects, but in your areas of strength.

We also ask you to prove these strengths.

Are you brilliant?

Then you should apply here. We are curious about you.

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